Our aspiration is to be a pub that happens to serve good food - not a restaurant that happens to have a bar. 

Our bar offers a range of real ale and though we always enjoy selling Norfolk and Suffolk beers from breweries such as Woodfordes and Adnams, our main concern is to offer you a variety of choice and to ensure that your beer tastes  just as the brewer intended. In short, we don't mind where our beer comes from, so long as it does the job.

* A little information about the grub ...

Many establishments pride themselves on the locality of their produce and here at The Dun Cow we are no different. Our Red Poll beef that goes into our delicious burgers is reared right here in Salthouse by Rex and Sarah Dawson at The Manor House, just down the road.

We don't like to mess about, so we buy a whole Red Poll at a time, ensuring we are able to select the best cuts and offer them to you at the best price possible.    

We're as discerning about our fish as we are about our meat and we are always pleased to see Richard Matthews walking through the door with arms full of crab and lobsters. Richard has fished off Weybourne for many years and the taste of his catch is unrivalled - we have it within a few short hours of landing.

You don't get much fresher than that, but don't just take our word for it - the proof really is in the eating.




The Salthouse Dun Cow | Salthouse | Norfolk | NR25 7XA | 01263 740467 | info@salthouseduncow.co.uk

On the A149 coast road, just east of Blakeney & Cley.

We never knowingly use GM products and seek the same assurances from our suppliers.